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Payment Terms
Unless otherwise noted, payment terms are to be cash with order.  Golden Pacific Structures also accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Warranty Statement
Unless otherwise stated in writing, all Golden Pacific Structures are considered non-code structures with certified engineering unavailable. In so much as Golden Pacific Structures has endeavored to match the materials provided with your regional expectations, no recourse is provided for structural failure.

Golden Pacific Structures does warrant that its manufactured products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year.

Purchaser shall promptly, and in no event later than 10 days after receipt of goods, notify Golden Pacific Structures, in writing, of any defects and/or non-conformities with the materials supplied. Thereafter, Purchaser is to notify Golden Pacific Structures, in writing, of any irregularities experienced with its products within one year after receipt of goods. Upon receipt of notification, Golden Pacific Structures will repair or replace any manufactured products which it finds factory defective or non-conforming to the order. The determination of whether a product qualifies for warranty replacement or repairs rests solely with Golden Pacific Structures.

As to products manufactured  by others (motors, coverings, etc), Purchaser’s sole remedy shall be under the warranty, if any, made by the specific manufacturer(s).

For either manufactured or purchased items, Golden Pacific Structures may require that Purchaser return the questionable item for inspection prior to determining its warrantable status. In such cases, Purchaser is responsible for obtaining and properly tagging the component(s) with an authorized RGA (return goods authorization) number supplied by Golden Pacific Structures or its vendor(s). In addition, Purchaser is responsible for shipping the product, freight pre-paid, to a location specified by Golden Pacific Structures.

In cases where waiting for a warranty evaluation will affect the pace of the installation, or the daily operation, Golden Pacific Structures can ship a replacement component prior to receipt of assembly in question. If this option is desired, Purchaser agrees to pay the full purchase price for the questionable component(s) including all freight and applicable taxes under normal payment.

If this questionable item, once inspected by Golden Pacific Structures, is covered under warranty, Golden Pacific Structures will, at its discretion, repair or replace the warranty item and/or credit the price Purchaser paid for the replacement item previously shipped, less freight.

If the returned item is found to not be warrantable, Purchaser will be responsible for all charges associated with item.

Shipping Guidelines:

What You Will Receive
To prevent you from becoming overwhelmed when the truck pulls up, below is a list of items you can expect to receive:

  1. The driver will provide you with a Bill of Lading which is a generalized description of the bundles and/or boxes shipped. Please refer to the section below, Delivery Guidelines, for more information.
  2. Material List – detailed list of all components shipped with your order.
  3. A copy of this Instruction Manual
  4. Structural Materials required to construct the Windjammer Series 5000 per your customized order.
  5. Fasteners (bolts, screws) as required to construct the Windjammer Series 5000 per your customized order.

Delivery Guidelines:

Recommended Equipment
A forklift is recommended to unload the materials for the Windjammer Series 5000. It is also recommended that several people be on hand for the unloading to ensure safety and efficiency in unloading.

Bill of Lading / Damage
While all of the components of your Windjammer Series 5000 cold frame were loaded with care at our factory, accidents can occur during transport.

Upon arrival of the components for the Windjammer Series 5000, do not sign the mandatory Bill of Lading until you have first inspected all materials for damage and count.

  1. When materials are loaded at the Golden Pacific Structures facility, they are guaranteed to be free of defect or damage. In preparation for loading, a Bill of Lading is created, which records the description and quantity of all items being shipped.
  2. Upon loading the materials, the assigned trucking company accepts the prepared Bill of Lading, confirming their assumption of full responsibility for the safe passage of all materials.
  3. While damage rarely occurs, do not refuse shipment should damages or miscounts be evident . Doing so will only result in delays and frustration for all parties involved. Instead, accept all material as it is, and note on the Bill of Lading any discrepancies prior to signing it.
  4. Notations of missing or damaged materials can be as simple as “Missing one bundle” or “1 bundle broken”.
  5. Once all material has been unloaded, any necessary notations are made on the Bill of Lading and it has been signed, the driver can be released.
  6. Golden Pacific Structures is glad to assist you in any way possible, however as the recipient of materials, you are to file the grievance with the trucking company through what is called a Freight Claim.  Therefore, if damage or miscounts are experienced, contact the Customer Service Department of the carrier to file a freight claim for the materials to be replaced. Golden Pacific Structures will provide any and all information required to complete your claim.
  7. Inspect, Identify, and recognize all parts and equipment pertaining to your order within 10 days of delivery and again prior to commencement of installation. Compare items on hand with the Material List provided with your order. Report any discrepancies to Golden Pacific Structures no later than 10 days after receipt of goods.


Your safety and well being, as well as that of those who work for you, are of paramount concern. With every installation, there are safety factors to be taken into consideration. We suggest you employ every precaution available to ensure a safe and successful installation including, but not limited to:

  1. Wear certified eye protection at all times.
  2. Wear certified head protection at all times especially when working under objects.
  3. Wear gloves to protect hands from sharp or rough ends.
  4. Use a GFCI electrical breaker when operating corded power tools.
  5. Read and understand all safety instructions prior to using power tools.
  6. Before you dig holes or drive stakes, first check with the proper authorities to ensure you will not disturb or damage underground power, phone, gas, or plumbing lines.
  7. Do not erect structures under or near overhead power lines or supplies.
  8. Do not climb on the structure or its frame at any time.
  9. Once structure is enclosed, provide proper and adequate ventilation.
  10. Do not cover ends without providing for proper egress to prevent entrapment (i.e. doorways)
  11. Never occupy the structure during severe weather, high winds, tornadoes or hurricanes.
  12. All electrical and plumbing connections must be executed by a professional contractor licensed in your state.
  13. Use common sense at all times.

Protecting Your Investment

The Windjammer Series 5000 cold frame structure is designed for years of reliable service. To ensure maximum life and reliability, Golden Pacific Structures recommends the following precautions be taken:

  • Set all structure ground stakes in adequately sized concrete footings.
  • Structures glazed with double poly must be inflated at all times. An adequately sized power generator should be available during power interruptions.
  • Poly coverings can stretch over time. Check and adjust covering periodically as required.
  • Small rips and tears are not uncommon with poly. Inspect the covering periodically and repair with approved poly mending tape following manufacturer instructions.
  • All cold frames should be heated to prevent snow and ice buildup on the roof area.
  • Ice and snow should never be allowed to accumulate on the structure. Employ a means of removing snow and ice from the roof and/or between structures to prevent damage to the poly or structure beneath.
  • During extreme snow and ice conditions, it may be necessary to deflate the poly to aid in the shedding process. Once accumulation has shed, re-inflate poly to restore insulation value.
  •  Use caution when applying any chemical agent. Even diluted chemicals can cause premature degradation of the steel’s galvanized finish.
  • Adjust irrigation nozzles and/or any other water applicators (including evaporative cooling pads) such that there is minimized cntact with the galvanized steel components. Many water supplies contain corrosive agents which can, over time, cause premature degradation.
  • Prevent standing water or continuously moist soil from contacting galvanized steel components. Golden Pacific Structures recommends the painting of all ground stakes with an optional clear coat or bituminous paint (available from Golden Pacific Structures or purchased locally) when standing water or moist soil is present.
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