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Greenhouse structures usually require additional end wall and side wall framing to secure coverings and hang equipment. Treated lumber has traditionally been used for framing, but the cost of building with and maintaining wood components is leading growers to consider alternative framing materials to improve their bottom line.

Despite the higher initial investment, steel is a much better value than treated lumber. Steel has a much greater life span and, unlike some treated lumber, will not have a corrosive effect on surrounding materials. Steel components are easier to install than treated lumber, which reduces labor costs.

Side wall Frame Kits
• Formed 18 gauge galvanized steel hat sections 3-3/4"x1-1/2"
    are used in place of treated lumber
• Metal framing systems are much easier to handle and install
    than wood framing
• Poly lock systems can be installed more quickly onto steel
    girts than onto treated lumber.
• Self-tapping screws hold more permanently and securely in
    steel than wood screws in lumber.
End Wall Frame Kits
• End wall frame kits incorporate 2” square tubing to maximize
    strength and reliability
• Each frame kit includes custom tabs designed to easily and
    efficiently transition from an end wall upright to the bow
• Additional girt clips are provided to secure horizontal framing
    members to vertical uprights
• End wall framing flush mounts with the end bow offering a flat
    surface with which to mount coverings and equipment
• End wall frame kits are easily adaptable, on site, to accommodate
    most fan and door configurations

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